Using your art to help others

26 Oct
This is one of the many drawings I gave to charity.

This is one of the many drawings I gave to charity.

In life we all need a shoulder to cry on.  Some of us are fortunate than others. For most people, we do tremendous things to help the less fortunate to move along in life, whether by simply motivating that person with a bit of encouragement or giving them something to eat.

I have always been motivated by charities and helping people in whatever way I can.  A few years ago when there was the tragedy in Haiti,  I remember feeling down because it doesn’t matter what race you are, these are people and they have suffered tremendously.  I could remember saying to my family and a few friends,  we need to be doing something to help.  I came up with my own charity plans. I started to collected clothing and a few other simple things,  I also got a bucket to collect money, eventually I got about £300 and a few pennies, i can’t remember the exact amount but it felt wonderful to help others.

Now my new and very exciting charity venture has began.  I have been using my art to help the less fortunate.  I am giving some of my artwork to charity. The idea was simple, I needed to help people,  I simply cannot live without it.

I remember when I first went to the YMCA shop to speak to them about giving them something and showing them what I am giving, the surprised look on their faces were priceless.

The first drawing I showed to them was the drawing of Sean Connery 007,  they looked at the drawing and looked back at me, maybe in surprise or looking at the resemblance haha!

Whatever the occasion is to you,  we can all help and be helpful to each other,  the art that we artist do is motivating more people than we think.  It is our duty to share our God given talents.  Whether by starting an art club to teach kids or adults how to express themselves,  which is my next venture. But the bottom line is helping.

We can go into nursing homes,  offering something to help because we are all unique in our own right. So the thought for the day is: Give love,  give life, give art!

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