Taking the leap of faith

28 Oct

Today, as I was speaking to one of my customers,  she said to me; “would you take a leap of faith to go into business,  doing something you love and enjoy? ” I get many questions asked to me by many different people,  this particular question,  I enjoyed it so much I began laughing,  she thought by asking me she sounded foolish.

I find that most people do not achieve because of fear. The fear of failing and getting scratched and bruised terrify most people, I am no exception to this because this is how I was. One famous man once said,  the cemetery is the wealthiest place on earth, in there  you find all different kinds of dreams that were never realised.

Alot of us are filled with hidden talents that we do not even know we have and some of us have talents we know we have for years but get frightened by critics,  people who may not like what you do but who’s business is that? Remember everyone is entitled to there own opinion just aswel you’re entitled not to listen.  Painting gave me my first exposure and my first bank account,  my first independence,  my eldest brother told me being an artist isn’t a real job!

Personally, I allowed someone to slow down my success,  not stopping it because here I am today doing what I love; ART!.

I did what everyone else wanted me to do,  I studied at college and university. I achieved a BSc Hons Degree in Architectural Design Technology,  I worked with my qualifications but my mind, body and soul wasn’t fulfilled.

Taking a leap of faith to do what you love won’t come easy. It’s like jumping off a cliff with your para shoot,  its not going to be opened as you jump, you may even hit some rocks on your way down but after your shoot opens, then you start to soar. You will get discouraged,  you will get knocked around by life, your duty is to get up because the person who never leaps will always be sitting and blaming there misfortune on someone else.

Ask yourself today,  what am I really good at, am I doing it,  what is stopping you? You are the best person to answer that.  Leap; don’t be afraid,  your success is waiting out there for you to come collect it and don’t stop until you get it!

Collin A. Clarke

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