Ready to Stop Worrying About Money So You Can Get Back to Making Your Art?

10 Dec

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Picture 14closer headshot Join award-winning artist & creative coach Leigh Medeiros for this 8 week online course that will shift your relationship to money and help you become the thriving artist you were meant to be.

What Is a Starving Artist?

* Someone who’s always worried about money and making ends meet.

* Someone who never has enough time to make their creative work because they’re too busy working jobs they don’t like.

* Someone who constantly settles for less.

* Someone who gives their creative work away for free or with a massive discount.SANM Book

* Someone who finds regular 9 to 5 jobs to be soul-crushing.

* Someone who believes money and creativity don’t mix.

* Someone whose friends constantly wonder why such a talented person could be so broke.

* Someone whose high level of formal and/or informal education does not match their measly income.

* Some who’s probably tired.


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