I accept any commission.  If you would like a piece of commissioned work from my collection,  please read the information  below and get intouch at:

All my commissioned work are personalised and is considered a gift from the artist to the collector.  My aim is to listen to your needs and requirements prior to the creative process.  it is an honour and a pleasure creating a piece of work to suit your every needs.

Each commission comes with unlimited email correspondence and telephone consultation if required.

Commissioned work are based on an ORIGINAL Collin A. Clarke painting.

Custom commission work is not returnable.  So it is the collectors’s responsibility to provide as much information as possible regarding any specific requirements.

When a piece is selected for inspiration, please share your thoughts and what attracted you to that specific piece of work.  Please take care in  measuring your space to ensure that you select the appropriate size. Specific color needs should be addressed up front and samples can be mailed to the artist if needed.


Consider emailing crisp clear photos of the space where the painting will be mounted.  All artwork are signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity,  if your work is a gift, please provide the necessary information about that gift recipient for certificate purposes.

Payment is required in full before I put work into my commission schedule.  Start dates will be given for each commission.  Full refunds are provided at anytime prior to the start date.
Once a piece has been started, no refunds will be granted.

Accepted payments are as follows: PayPal, Bank Transfer,  Cheques,  Credit Cards; many thanks for your interest in my art.

Collin A. Clarke Fine Art


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