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Original pencil portrait of Snoop DOGG.  


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How creativity makes you feel

Being creative can make us all feel different,  simply because we are all different.  If you ask anyone, how does creativity makes you feel?  The answer will vary from person to person.

For me,  creativity come very easy and it makes me feel new each time something creative comes to my mind. I do many things to express my creativity. I paint, I draw,  I take photographs etc.

Being an artist and having a creative outlook on life, everything around me helps in every way.  In a single day there is every opportunity to expand and be creative, whether you’re an artist or postman.

Alot of times people will talk about being stressed.  Sometimes I personally feel this is an excuse.  Everywhere you go these days there is someone talking about being stressed.  For me personally,  there is no time in my day for even entertaining the thought of being stressed or stressed out.

Rather than allowing the mind to think thoughts of stress,  allowing the mind to think creative can counteract negative energies that stops us being creative.  You don’t need to be an artist to be creative,  everyone is creative and we all create on a daily basis,  we just maybe mistake it for something else.

Feel free to let your imagination flow to places you never been before,  don’t get scared of what your thoughts can do for you.  It is all about developing an healthier mind and body,  cancelling negative energies.  Too regularly,  we allow our heart to rule our heads and this should be the other way around.

Create and be creative then you will feel different and most importantly live an healthier lifestyle. You can find more of me and my work on:

You can find more of me and my work on:

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